Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 1976

Yes, I've been fiddling with fiber a long time. Here's my darling in his prize-winning Mummy costume hand wrapped and spray glued by yers truly. He even went so far as to shave off his mustache so the facial Mudd would crackle properly all over his face. We won a bottle of champagne for best get-up! My "Bride of Frankenstein" costume was not quite as successful. There was not enough hair product in the world to get all my hair to stand up like Elsa Lancaster's did in the movie.


a.n.t. said...

quell charmant - love the cat checking you out - it's the position of the cat's ears that is telling - one can just imagine what's going on in its head - too funny. Seeing Jim in his mummy togs replete with mudd makeup reminds me of the time I thought I'd go as a lizard and use that FANGO MASQUE by Borghesa[a avocado green clay masque] as makeup - never did it but thought about it - lol.

susan said...

did you cut him out or make him wear that for awhile...looks kind of stiff.

jude said...

i did a mummy wrap for my son one year but i used the wrong glue. it rained and he lost his bandages. he was crying in embarrassment and i forgot to take a picture.