Tuesday, November 25, 2008

meme resistance

I've been tagged with a meme.

You know, the one where you are supposed to reveal seven little known things about yourself.

These memes have always made me uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Who cares and if they do, why? These questions niggle. Who wants read that I was a dancing duck in a third grade ballet? Who cares that I pick up hitchhiking turtles if the traffic will permit.

And then, there is the writer in me squealing to rise to the writer's challenge which is (in my opinion) the challenge to lie compellingly, provocatively, and spectacularly.

Hard to resist that challenge especially when the thing many people already know about me is that I am easily amused. I have told myself jokes in my sleep and woken up laughing, tears streaming from the corners of my sleepy eyes. My Goodman will attest to this.

That's three things already and two too many.


zquilts said...

A perfectly well written wriggle out of it!

Natalya said...

i am sorry Deb, it won't happen again... I know some people don't like these, it's hard to remember who though...
the Jellies look great by the way!

arlee said...

After 4 plus years of blogging, i'm pretty sure i've revealed every wierdness i have---if not, poo poo.
I'm loving your titles and new series----do you put words in a hat draw them and add in sequence, or do they pop out full blown? (mine do :})

jude said...

3 is good. it is meme time i think. it happens more around the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hypnotic blue eyes -
don't worry, if I listed 7 unknown things about myself - people would be checking for outstanding warrents - lololol. "Hey, Suga, take a walk on the wild side... and all the girls sing do do do dado do do do dado" Lou Reed from Transformer album

love the jellies!