Wednesday, November 05, 2008

running wild

Finally, I got back to some fiber and stitching. I think Big J somehow knows that I have been consorting with a variety of Vikings. There was some crankiness this morning that called for a big time cleaning but then we settled into some creature work and things are shaping up in an appealing way. Later...finished.


jude said...

love the new life forms

arlee said...

I'm just blown away by these beasties--life and exuberance and a secret society all in one--and almost Bosch!

Nellie's Needles said...

me too ... these works just make me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Want it!

Anonymous said...

YUMMO! is that some couching I see?

curvylou said...

I know they're ancient archives, but oh, oh! Love, love!!
It's been a while since I've been here—I got really sick in March. BUT I'm feeling a bit better, and am back to reading your archives again. They are so soothing and interesting, and I'm looking forward to following your creative processes again.
aka curvylou

Deb Lacativa said...

curvylou - I'm glad you are feeling better and getting back to yourself.
Whenever you make a comment on an old post, I get an email and
then I get to go back and revisit that day in my life. It's like
leafing through old journals - something I never did because it
never failed, if I sketched out a project on paper it never got
made in real life! As if the paper accomplishment was enough! I
have two or three small moleskines full of drawings and text
of things that were never born.

Once I started blogging, it was always after the fact of creation
sometimes with stages documented along the way.

You make me look back in wonder.

curvylou said...

Oh, Deb, this is such a beautiful comment. I'm so glad you look back in wonder at your own work and passions, and I'm happy I'm functioning in a postcard kind of way, and little "Hey! Look at me! Wasn't I a wonderful piece of art you made?" kind of way.
Thanks for the good wishes about my health. I've been up and down, and today, I'm just enjoying a lovely cup of strong coffee, and a little bit of Deb. I see you've updated your image up top! I love seeing that. Even though I'm deep in your archives, I know you're still working away, up top...
Take care, and I'll send you another little postcard soon. (: