Sunday, March 01, 2009

Something you don't see every day in Georgia

Jim hasn't lost his touch. This snow has not yet amounted to anything much more than pretty frosting even though it's been coming down fat and crazy all day long. There was deep and distant thunder too a few times. The sound reminded me of the noise that the town plows made when they were coming through the park on a winter night. The sounds were glad tidings that meant there would be no school the following morning. Yesterday I had the pleasure of a phone call inviting me to be a vendor at the Norcross Fall Art festival this coming October. I had just finished looking a some old jpegs of the velvet scarves I had for sale at the same festival back in "05 and thinking I might be up for doing it again. Is that serendipity or what?


jude said...

that is nothing. i can't even get out the front door!

Karoda said...

i'm so thankful it missed us!!!!! we did get frigid temps but its is predicted to be in the low 60s by the end of this week...keep hope alive is my chant!

susan said...

i am so glad i bought mark a good snow blower when we first got here. i have tried shoveling and to tell the truth i am not up for the task and mark admits we have way too much yard for a shovel job. i think he really likes getting out there with that thing clearing paths...i trully appreciate it. i have to fill many bird feeders everyday. i ve been in an artist funk, so i am tring something totally new and so unrelated...knitting lessons. i have never lived anywhere you would need warm stuff. getting to use alpaca yarn which is so yummy and soft...the project is to be felted before it is done. the project is called "shibori scarf". i will post on my blog as it comes along. YOU, keep up the good/grat work.