Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The box of flea market treasures arrived on Friday and I boiled and roasted everything. So far I'm not galvanized to bring on the colors. It's the heat and humidity for sure. The only time I feel at peace and comfort these days is when I'm in the pool but, hey, it's summertime. Everyone is feeling the dog days drooling. I feel like a surfer sitting on the board on a glassy sea only I'm not looking over my shoulder at the horizon for a wave to come. I'm looking at the shore thinking about paddling in, laying face down in the sand and listening to a ball game on an old transistor radio. I will pat myself on the head for polishing off a 2o item to-do list yesterday (so it took me since Friday, what of it?) including getting my Day of the Dead quilt sleeved and shipped off to the Everhart Museum and "Hope Rising"off to Dr Carolyn Mazloomi to be photographed for inclusion in her upcoming book and a touring exhibit. I'm also terribly flattered to hear that a certain Famous Artist intends on bidding all her golden choppers for a piece I donated to a certain auction to be named once the bidding starts. And here I will allow myself a rant. Kids here in GA are already back to school and the marketing is at frenzy level. This overhead on a local commercial radio advertisement. Young teen male whines "If I don't get those jeans I'm dead!" PLEASE go lie down in the weeds first so the vultures can clean up quickly.


jude said...

oh well so much going on. congrats first off and that pic of a pile of fabric....just what i needed to bring order to my soggy mind.

arlee said...

Now that is nougaty good eye candy :}

tiedyejudy said...

The pizza looks like manna from heaven... don't they have one with whole grain crust? Just kidding!