Saturday, August 08, 2009


One of the fun things about visiting with distant families is getting into their hoard of old photos. Now that I've scanned these, I promise to get them on their way back to you Rob. They are my Dad's parents, Charles Useted Sr. and Nellie Farrington Useted. If I have any art genes, they come from Gramma. She's the one who put the embroidery hoop in my hands and set me to bordering her entire closet full of pillowcases with cross stitching just to keep me out of her hair (and her sewing basket). Here's my Mom and Dad back in the Swinging Sixties I think. I was in high school when my Dad came to me and asked me for a recommendation on a "cool" place to go to in "THE VILLAGE". He meant Greenwich Village in Manhattan of course. I used to get on the train and be a tourist in the city so he thought I knew what was happening. I did not. So I innocently picked up a copy of the East Village Other and found an ad for a joint featuring someone named Tiny Tim. The add looked innocuous enough so I made my recommendation. I can still see my Dad all decked out in his Fair Isle sweater and loafers. Boy, did I hear about that adventure the next day! I'm fairly sure I know this fat little unhappy camper. They told me I could swim before I could walk because I was so chubby. Cousins, help me out you recognize this baby? Ten bucks its Rosie behind the camera and me reaching for her with complaint, as usual. Mom was a dish. Kitty looks just like her.


a.n.t. said...

Wow- wonderful pictures - lucky you could access the collection of family photos. I often wonder where all my family pictures went -
sigh...Je revien...
You sure were a cute sassy lil thing, weren't you - haven't changed much over time...lolol

jude said...

oh ha! these are just grand!