Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I find adding hand stitching to a piece already machine stitched to be very challenging. It really is apples and oranges so I'm taking pains with the handwork so it doesn't wander too organic or trixy. I want the lines to get along and compliment one another. no fighting for attention. After three or four false starts (hours to stitch and minutes to pick out) I've come back to the ever faithful split chain but I'm building the thread out of 4 or 5 30 wt. machine threads; rayons, cottons & metallics - so each stitch has to be guided slowly top and bottom or whacko nests ensue instantly. Where is my Thread grease?


arlee said...

same place as the elbow grease?
Seriously, this is looking abso yum---handwork and machine work find their meeting point and you will be addicted to using more of the combo--i'm stuck on backstitch and loves it
those spoobit egges are delicious

arlee said...

..not that i'm trying to preach to the choir! sorry....