Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Chair

Not really but a new location. A nice spot where I can catch some afternoon light over my shoulder. And a new perch where Sweetie can watch Squirrel TV. The bold little buggers actually come up and put their paws on the glass! Just wait until she can go outside.

This chair is actually part of a suite that we bought from This End Up back in 1980. In fact, we still have most of the pieces. When you buy this kind of furniture, you had better really like it cause it's going to outlive you.

No pithy thoughts here for the new year. There was a SALE in the store and I have a lot of new ideas perking. Who could ask for more?


arlee said...

We're hoping Miss Calamity will acclimate as easily as Sweetie has. She'll have squirrels, jackrabbits and magpies to watch :}

tangled stitch said...

Happy New Year! Those squirrels are certainly cheeky aren't they? My dog just runs all over the back yard barking at the little suckers.

Phyllis said...

Happy New Year! All we need are ideas and cats to love for a year to be promising.

I love squirrels too. I have many I feed every day, and they tease the cats too because all my cats are indoor cats.

xx to Sweetie.

Karoda said...

yeah, those city squirrels are something else! happy new year deb...keep on keepin' on!