Sunday, January 31, 2010

mad purple flannel

I just finished housekeeping in the store over at Random Acts of Dyeness. Took down all the sold pieces (everything shipped yesterday!) and put up some new ones. I've hoarded this luscious hunk of flannel for a long time and I'm finally letting it go. 

I've put the Preview photos here until I can finish posting. If you see something you like that's not got it's own post at the store, send me an Email  and I'll get it done with sizes, prices, etc. I'm also willing to cut a piece in half if it's too big, just let me know.

Speaking of hoarders..have you seen that show on A&E? Now that's  a car wreck I can't stop watching even as  I skeeve! The lady whose false teeth were under the debris with the dead cat was the freakin' limit.


arlee said...

omfg....i feel SO much better about my (now dwindling) stash of everything!

Sandy said...

oh geesh, I shoulda known YOU would be into that show! Of course I don't watch it on tv because I am above all that... (and besides I have it on my iPod so I can sneak peeks at it wherever I am!) I *thought* it would be a good thing to look at before I go into a store to keep me from buying more than I actually need! Hasn't worked very well yet, but I spend more time on the iPod in the parking lot than in the store now!

Joanna Price said...

I'm hooked too, even tho it grosses me out! And about the hoarding lady whose false teeth were under the debris . . . there were TWO dead cats in her house, buried under all that nastiness.