Saturday, January 02, 2010

Winter afternoon light

As if I needed another path to follow, a new piece has sprung into being. I'm still shuffling the spots around.
The afternoon light over my shoulder in this new chair has rekindled my flagging interest in this piece. Under the fluorescent lights of the office I was getting mighty bored with all that gray kantha stitching. New things have been revealed.  And here are two other pieces in progress, one barely thought through and the other one about to be let go. Catch & Release.


arlee said...

omg that fish that fish :}
And i love the teasing depth of that yellow non paisley!

jude said...

noting like the sun and the right chair.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

The fish is a *king snapper! I don't really know what *that* means but my eldest son used to say it when he was a toddler, with a kind of oriental accent. I love that fish! Just look at those needle teeth. I'm pretty sure we have creatures like that in teh rivers here.... which is why I don't go bathing with the boys!