Saturday, February 20, 2010

a good days work

Terrible pictures (my fingers are all stuck together)  but these all got processed today. There are three more waiting. Maybe an outdoor photo sessions tomorrow, it's supposed to be a peachy day. It's great to finish things that have been hanging around waiting.

top "Gates of Grace"

"Social Networking"

bottom "Winter Solstice"


Karin said...

They all are yummy. Hart to decide which I like best, but I think it is Winter Solstice.

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

WOW! Great work! It's always a good kick up the **** to see others finishing up! :) still love Social Networking, but yes, tehy are ALL beautiful.

Liz Kettle said...

Beautiful work...wish I could see them in person.

wen Redmond said...

BEEEEautiful!! I really like these- would love to hear more about your process- so I will read on!

Karoda said...

I did Gates of Grace! I hope today is just as productive for you!

Carole said...

Deb, these are so something else... I just love them... I haven't been here for awhile and now I am wondering why not!
Can't wait to see the rest.