Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Grid Forgets Itself

 "the grid forgets itself"

10"x10" mounted



Something made me put down the needle and take this one to the mummification chamber for finishing. The sun is playing peekaboo through late afternoon clouds so this is a quick shot..kinda strong on the blues but I didn't want to tinker with it.


  1. You really are "on a roll" lately - so much productivity, and so much beauty, each one more beautiful than the last. It's wonderful! :-)

  2. I read the bit that says "The sun is playing peekaboo through late afternoon clouds..." and thought
    "YES! Exactly! How did she do that?" But then realized you were talking about something else and not this piece. But to me that sentence is perfect for this piece and I love it.

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  4. It's a very colorful piece. I like the vibrancy of the colors!


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