Monday, February 01, 2010

New month, new day

I'm torn between working on this current piece and taking advantage of the morning light to work in the studio getting pieces of dyed cloth ready for sale.  That stack up top is next. Colin will be shooting them today for me.

I keep finding things that I'm going to keep for myself.One in ten will be staying home.

This was a tablemopper that has a lot of gold metallic acrylic smears . Many of my most successful pieces have been based around the clean up rags!

It's a keeper and speaking to me of getting back to larger pieces, my bigger, louder (more natural) voice.


Deborah said...

An added benefit to nothing wasted!

Phyllis said...

How do you do this???

Deb said...

When I have a dyefest, I reserve one or two pieces of cloth for wiping up as I work - I work on a big table out on the deck and I'm real messy. Wiping the tabletop, the bottles and tools, whatever. I also see some deliberate discharge marks done with dishwasher gel..and this piece has been overdyed at least once and finally I recall spilling a bowl of watered down gold acrylic paint which doesn't photograph so well.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.