Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick - take a picture

because it will all be gone by lunchtime! Not your everyday business in this part of Georgia. This is the most snow (that's stuck around) that we've had in several years.

All told, maybe three inches but the trees and ground were cold enough to hang on to everything. The second after I shot this one a cloud of falling snow got me.

When I lived in NY, I worked as a telephone operator for AT&T and we were expected to be at work even if it was day one of Armageddon so a little snow on the road was no big deal. You learned to drive safely, brought your jammies & breakfast with you, just in case. More than once, the State Police closed the roads and all I had to do was wave my company badge outside the window to be waved through a police blockade. Power tripper, me and my Honda.


yvette said...

you've got your christmascard ready!


Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Oh fabulousness! You should send this image to Medicici! It couldn't be more perfect... the composition, the the colors, the tonality. Are you going to make something from this?

Deb said...

No plans for it at all. In the next moment I was showered with snow falling from that tree close by.

What's Medicici?

a.n.t. said...

sooooo, now the box comes up - meaning the other page came up every time I clicked to send a comment, soooo i sent you an email - lol.
sure looks like more than 87 flakes to me...beautiful picture!
all we got is bone-freezin cold, more plant death in my secret courtyard garden - sigh