Sunday, April 04, 2010


Ostara - Goddess of Renewal. I like better than chocolate bunnies and peeps.
We haven't done much about this holiday since the boys have outgrown thinking it was a sort of mini-Christmas, minus the tree and wrapping paper.  Oh, I'll still bite the ears off Jake's bunny and put it back in the box and of course, I love to dye the eggs if I remember.

This one kind of looks like Easter colors. Untitled and about 42"x42" from back in 2005 I think.  I was disappointed at how several pieces of very soft muslin refused to take the colors the way I was expecting. That's how I learned that the even the cheapest muslin from HoAnns had to be boiled in prep for dyeing.  Once I got over the color failure I hand appliqued these bars and hand stitched the whole thing. There was a lot of music involved.


Diana said...

I am so glad you mentioned boiling fabric to scour it for dyeing. I am boiling 30 yards of PFD cotton as I write this and was just beginning to question my motives. If my stuff turns out half as gorgeous as your fabric it will be worth it.

Diana in OHio

jude said...

well this is very cool though....