Monday, April 19, 2010

sack cloth magic

I'm please and proud to find that Jude will be building a magic cloth starting with  a piece of vintage cotton sacking that I dyed last summer.

This piece was part of this batch of cloth,  gifted me by my friend Rosemary just about a year ago. I left this image large so you can zoom in an see the various textures.

Some of the pieces in this batch had a stencil reading   "Made For A.D.Pierce, Brooklyn, Conn." A little research told me that this company was a hatchery of some sort last mentioned or annotated in the 1930s.

I love a cloth with history, no matter how prosaic.
There will be just a few more pieces of this cloth posted to the Random Acts of Dyeness page. Hoarding most of it for myself.


jude said...

it was such a perfect addition to my magic cloth. it has history and mystery and an earthy feel. said...

It's interesting to hear the results of your research on this fabric. It could have been destined to be a feed sack. Your dye work on it enhanced the texture. Glad you could use it! The fabric I sent you was discovered in the attic of an elderly woman who died last year. She did a great deal of sewing, and saved everything. She may have had this fabric for many years.