Wednesday, February 02, 2011

cold work

I thought I try (once again) my hand making something with the heart symbol.
I cut four before this one, all just as wrong and misshapen. As usual, my freehand heart comes out looking more vegetable than meat and the whole thing looks like an international flag warning of contagion, fitting as I am battling a cold.  When I'm finished I'll hang it in the garden to scare off pests.
File under "what was she thinking?".

More satisfying has been stitching a tiny hand-rolled hem all round a large square of the softest cotton I have ever worked with. It feels just like sueded silk. This was from the batch that was dyed with cream of wheat + bugs.


  1. Hi Deb! have a question about the wheat of cream + bugs, do you really let it sit until it gets the bugs, how long? i love the looks of the dyed cotton.

  2. The bugs were in the cream of wheat because I left it in the cupboard too long in an unsealed container.

  3. only you can make cereal and creepycrawlies beautiful :)Pima? I'm in love with PIMA!!!!


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