Friday, February 04, 2011

in the works

It reminds me of a logo I used to see in the NY Times magazine advertising some Caribbean islands but I can't find it anywhere.

I've drawn versions of this piece before and hope to get it started with real fabric this weekend. Oil crayon on paper looks a lot like my hand dyed damasks, ragged edges and all.

I'll use that cream Kona cotton as the base and pick the color bits out of the stash which will be hand appliqued. Because my Janome is out of commission, I'll take a run at hand quilting those lines. Maybe, maybe not. That reminds me to track down the sewing machine doctor...

 ps...I found it.It's the Bahamas.

What does this configuration mean?


  1. I've done most of a moleskine iterating on that theme of sections radiating from central points and overlapping. (never did get around to compiling it on my site though, it's just buried in the blog) and love the effects.

    The colors and organic shapes are neat starters. It would be cool if your stitching was in colors too.

  2. Beth - I actually intend on using a cream colored 12wt cotton thread doubled - I don't want the lines to compete with the shapes

  3. I love this, Deb. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  4. It's the Bahama's. I love that design. Watch for their commercials. It's there. So you can't use it in a design. I would love to .....


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