Tuesday, February 08, 2011

the paint goes on

After spending two hours painting tiny lines with a tiny brush I'm ready to run and holler!

A post by artist Ann Brauer has given me the kick in the pants in the direction of (returning to) making pieces measured in feet instead of inches.  I called the sewing machine doctor and made an appointment for my Janome.

The one piece I can see sneaking out from a high shelf in the studio is insisting on some exposure and some company. Look close - there are hearts in the " Pirate Circus!


Hellenne said...

LOVE this bottom piece!

arlee said...

SWASH buckling Babe!!! Swathes and swashes of washes and waves, wow :)

Kathye said...

Hi Deb! I just found you somehow, and I am so glad I did! I absolutely LOVE your work. Is this gorgeous piece for sale? What are the dimensions? How was this made? techniques? fabrics? Your work/art is amazing! kathy

Deb said...

Kathye...almost all my work is for sale. And many thanks. Are you asking about the unfinished one on top or Pirate Circus?

Kathye said...

Deb, I am asking about Pirate Circus. LOVE the colors! Is it painted? Is this a single layer or does it have a backing and batting? What are the dimensions and price -- same questions as above.
Thank you!