Saturday, February 19, 2011

yellow perils

Scanning through the blogroll this morning when I came across an interesting post at Rough Around the Edges. Robin is taking an online class offered by my talented friend Pamela Allen.  The exercise is interpreting a favorite painting in fabric. All unknowing, I've been stumbling along the same path with no guidance and using my own oil pastel cartoon. 

   At some point in the stitching, I put the painting across the room and stopped eyeballing it so closely, mostly because the slow going of hand stitching was so aggravating when compared to the speed and spontaneity of the original.  Here are "Yellow Perils"  after the local school buses.


  1. This is gorgeous! Love that blue background -- what type of fabric is that? Is it something you hand dyed? Beautiful color next to the lovely yellow -- you are so great with color! Kathy

  2. Kathy, that blue is a section of a woven cotton blanket. Can't remember the source but I cut it up in sections and have pieces in several took the dye like a fiend!

  3. Ah, "yellow peril"--i like that--lived on one with all of our belongings, 3 cats and a teen son for 6 weeks--HELL

    but these are beautiful :)


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