Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yesterday - 1st dyefest of the season

It was great fun to hold the first dye day of the season at Elizabeth's studio.  We are both always on the lookout for happy chemical accidents, neither one a stickler for rules.  Here she is working over a piece that came to her from another well known fiber artist (a prize if you guess who via email). They have a swap going, each taking turns changing the piece.  I don't know when they are going to stick a fork in this one and call it done.

Another view of the day's doings here.

This is part of my murky results, but murk was just what I was after because I've been having visions of those discharged discs and have a half baked idea along the lines of Shell Vapors and I'm fresh out of spots.

Overall results ran from the sublime to the ridiculous, as usual, which means something for every occasion.

There were great lessons remembered and new ones learned like, don't waste soy wax on wet cloth, make the wax hot enough in the first place, split peas were a waste of lentils and SHAKE THE DAMN BOTTLES! and don't forget to check your gloves once in a don't want to see my thumb.


  1. You are an inspiration! I love the idea of the ugly and unexpected, I always look forward to my summer dyefests. Around here it's touch and go with wind being a problem. That's why spring is not the best time to start.

  2. I am so envious! The weather just is being stubborn here. We are usually in the 70's by now and this year I am still wearing wool. Your fabrics look so delicious! The fabric Elizabeth is working on is gorgeous! I love the ripple lines going down it. My guess is Jane Dunnewold, but then I thought of 5 others. Whomever, it is beautiful. Have fun with your "new" fabric.

  3. I think I'm feeling very lucky right now, that I have an indoor place to dye! What with strong winds, snow, rain, etc... I would never get any dyeing done here if I had to do it outside! Love your experiments... never thought of applying wax to wet fabric! Hmmmm... What's your fave discharge medium? I go for dishwashing gel with bleach myself... learned that from Melly!
    BTW, the word verifcation word for this comment is "peadull"... too funny!

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    We were enjoying the G-Braves ballgame yesterday (they won in extra innings), but the weather was perfect for dyeing. I'd like to tag along the next time you're dyeing with Elizabeth (green with envy, LOL). I'm going to be dyeing up some silk next month.

    My guess is Ann Johnston for the swap piece. Looks like great fun!
    Linda C.


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