Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cusspot decanted

This is the first cusspot I ever made. I keep it with my hand stitching basket to capture thread ends rather throw them any old where which caused the early demise of my Hoover upright vacuum.

After a year, it was bulging at the seams. We had hellacious storms in the night with high winds, hail, lightning and threats of tornadoes all night. It went from 80 degrees at 11 pm last night to barely 50 degrees this morning but everything looks fresh scrubbed as if Winter was blasted away and Spring can finally get on with Summer.

I went out side and put all the clippings and snips in the shrubs around the property so they can become nesting material. We are aswarm with cardinals, eastern bluebirds and many other birds in this neighborhood all rioting around the property and setting up housekeeping.


Peg said...

I have been doing that with threads, felting shreds and other byproducts of my sewing. I have yet to see a nest with something I donated woven in, but I'm always looking!

Admin SAQA-CT said...

Hi Deb,
Love the "cusspot". Great idea! But just a word of caution - it's not great for birds to make nests with thread. The threads get tangled around their legs and necks, especially baby birds. And the dyes & additives in colored threads can harm them if ingested. I'm not trying to scold you. Clearly you love nature and birds, and want to help them. But they are usually better off finding nesting material among twigs, plant fibers & feathers etc. I hope you find this info helpful. Have a great day :-)

Deb said...

It's always something, right? Tomorrow, when I get up, I'll quit breathing for the day so's not to add to my carbon footprint.
Remind me.

Anonymous said...

i'm remembering watership down

and that some rabbits ran in the road intentionally.

some birds need quality hanging supplies deb.

you're really providing a service.

ps. take pics if you find bodies...