Thursday, April 28, 2011

eye candy relief

The fierce weather left us relatively unscathed. I gave up watching the storm tracks on TV figuring I'd hear the alarm from the fire station nearby. Hardly. 

No art  from me today so enjoy some freedom, energy and excitement.

Branko Bursac
Gwen Fox
Emily Miah Stewart


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Love Love the art.
Thanks for starting my day off great.
Mary Ann

tiedyejudy said...

I was just about to e-mail you, but thought I would check here glad to hear you weren't hurt by the storm! A friend in Alabama had to take refuge in a neighbor's basement along with others in the area... crazy weather!

Serena said...

so happy to read you're safe.
thought about you through the night.

thanks for the eye candy :)

Diana Angus said...

I was worried about you. Thanks for saying you are all right. Thanks for sharing the artists today.

Deb said...

Thanks to everyone for their concern. We live in a "holler" where the the worst weather doesn't seem to bother dropping by. The biggest danger would be some of the bigger, older trees in the neighborhood. All is well.