Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Bag redux

The overdye and discharge didn't wreak as much change as I had hoped so it's going to be up to me and the scrap bag to set things right. Here's a good start. It's nice to have this distraction from the weather.

We are in the path of the storms birthing tornadoes all across the south. My studio/office is on the top floor and from the window I can see our next door neighbor's towering trees tossing in the wind like so much green surf.

The next moment the wind drops, all goes still and muggy and the sun lights the treetops from an odd angle. It's been on and off all day. They say tonight the real trouble is coming. The tree frogs have been flat out insane at night.


Cathie said...

Deb - I REALLY like this. It came out great. Sounds like your studio is in a "sweet" spot - up among the trees. Be safe and enjoy the scenery!

Anonymous said...

same here with the crazy weather.

i'm not real sure about getting out too much

the whole idea of climbing underneath and underpass with two toddlers is a real deterrent to travel of any kind.