Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the personal stash

 After the storm front moved through last night, it's turned cold again. There are sleeping cats draped all over the house.

I was busy at the computer and didn't hear her come into the room and clamber up from the ironing board into my personal stash...

So I asked her, "Sweetie, what the hell are you doing up there?
Casually, slowly, she turned around and showed me what she thought of my efforts.


  1. So sweet! And she has great tastes in color!

  2. Quiltmuse11:16 PM


    The pampered pets of quilters
    Sleep on expensive beds
    Of quilts in greens and purples,
    Yellows and blues and reds.
    The quilts don't have to be finished --
    Any stage of completion will do:
    As long as it's fabric meant for a quilt
    They'll find it and lie on it too!

    Jacquie in Veermont

  3. nothing like a nap in a pile of cloth.

  4. If I were a kitty, i would so be right there!
    My little Bichon loves to curl up in the to-be-ironed pile.

  5. Adorable! My cats do the same thing, given a chance.

  6. Anonymous8:42 PM

    my house is like this
    only it's kids

    i even look and ask
    what the hell are you doing up there??most of the day to them too.

    if only they'd stay that quiet

    love this photo


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