Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Eye Candy

I'm going to treat myself to some extended time in the studio this weekend. Time to reorder my priorities in here; take a hard look at things in progress, acknowledging failures and move on.  There's a trend going on that I want to encourage and I want to get some new pieces and raw materials into the shop.

In lieu of getting falling down Friday drunk, here's some fun stuff that's taking up about a cubic yard in the closet. I was thinking of leaving them in public places and taking pictures of people's reactions but I am fairly sure that some citizen will call the bomb squad and my 3D Uninformed Innards will be blown to smithereens by  a swat team robot and then I would be arrested for littering as the polyester stuffing creates a snowstorm.  Most of these are twice as big as an industrial meatloaf, quite the threat!   Any suggestions?


  1. YEAH! The "Guts of Glory!--nice to see again in full spectrum :)

  2. I wondered what happened to these fabric organs. I started reading your blog when you were making them. Ever thought of assembling them in proper anatomical order inside a "body cage" made of wire? That's the way I envisioned them. Would be a super dramatic piece for a show setting.

  3. Joanne- I fear it would be an alien body; there are several hearts and livers, a stomach and a few things that made me wonder, hence the "uninformed". Maybe I'll gorillaglue them to the roof of my car.

  4. What a hoot!! My friend and I did some guerrilla art a few years back to "leave in places". I left one of my collages on the shelf at the library (we wrote on the back of the piece, it could be kept by the person who found it or passed on). When I went to the library, I saw my piece on the bulletin board. The desk person said, "look what we found, isn't it cool!". So funny!!! I'd like to know where the pieces end up!

  5. I would gift them to unsuspecting persons with no explanation whatsoever, LOL. I like them, and think they're great conversation pieces, whether left on a coffee table or glued to your vehicle ;)

  6. I think if you pinned a note with a ribbon or something that looks deliberate, you could safely leave it. I don't think I'd leave it at a door stoop or near a car....a little too suspicious.

    But it would be awesome to find on a table at a cafe!

  7. You could send them on worldwide journeys and they could send you postcards from where theyd been? aTheir explouts could be viewed on the blogs of those who;d given them a place to rest?
    Sign me up for a heart and I could send it on, somewhere!- from here in Uk!!!

  8. I guess i See them as a big floating mobile and sell it to a Science Teacher for the class.

  9. Why haven't you put them up for sale? I think they are fabulous, and would be wonderful conversation pieces!

  10. Hmmmmm...might as well.

  11. I don't know why but they made me think of giant fortune cookies!

    You should donate them to a school for mentally and physically handicaped children. I don't mean that in an insulting way... having volunteered in that field I know how special some of these kids would find these gorgeous techni-colored objects.

    Just a suggestion!



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