Thursday, May 31, 2012

larger things calling

I set aside the current WIP for a rest and pulled this monster from the UFO pile this morning and started the hand stitching. Still wondering if and how it will make any impact on such a large piece. One stitch at a time I guess.

Put in another couple hours of Hard Labor this morning trying to get the pool cleaned. Life, death and circumstances have thrown the pool schedule way off.

The eight inches of sludge in the bottom of the pool was so inhospitably nasty that the frogs wouldn't even lay their eggs in it. They all went next door to the neighbor's pool so there's no need for a big tadpole rescue this year.


My Grama's Soul said...

Your work....takes my breath neighbor is also a fabric artist....and I am so very intrigued by this medium.



Diana Angus said...

I love your dots! And I love the story of the frogs rejecting your sludge for the neighbor's.

And I am sorry that Karma went on to another world, but this is the stuff that we need to go through. She will always be the one and only Karma.