Thursday, May 10, 2012

beautiful day #4

We don't get too many perfect days like this one here in Georgia.70 degrees, low humidity and just enough breeze to bring the flag to life and cause the trees to dance.  The house is opened at every port and I spent some real time digging in the studio today. Studio spiders are banished.

Everything that was on the design wall came down, two large bags of trash removed, an open (as in "full sight") shelf was established for UFOs and  the big fabric sort is underway. This quirky little drama needed closure fused to the back and I've moved it over to the store.  I honestly never settled on an orientation and kept working at it deliberately from all directions but never locked it in.  It's 10"x14", faced and ready for framing.


Sandy said...

Studio spiders are the bane of my existence! if I'm gone two days I come back to piles of tiny carcasses under each web, can't believe they can use all of that saved food. I vacuum it all up and it's back again in a few days. Aaarugh!

ali said...

I love this little piece. I can see how the orientation could change--each quarter turn brings a new picture/story.