Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bag change time

My summer tote, which started life as a Vera Bradley dufflebag (back when she was wallowing in monochromatic paisleys). I never  took a picture of it then. The overall yellow with acid green was not easy on the eyes but, hey, it was half off.

 It had a rough ride in the commercial washing machine recently - a lot of the small pieces of damask completely disintegrated - so I spent a few days repaving it with a stronger, more vibrant set of scraps.   It's not as candy box pretty as it used to be but still sturdy and full of years of service so I'm giving my good leather bag the summer off.


arlee said...

love both versions--and as we get older and smarter, we may be less "candy box pretty", but we're pretty damn useful :)

Deb Lacativa said...

true, true.