Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I had my Mother's day gift yesterday..both sons here at the same time for an hours worth of companionable conversation.  Since I get my props from my family all year long I really don't feel the need for a big fuss one day out of the year.

I've decided on my project for Jude's Contemporary Boro class. Most everyone will be working on some sort of garment but I'm just not feeling wearables right now so I decided to make a replica of my favorite grocery tote. It was plain canvas once upon a time but I dyed it and added the print inner pocket.

 I can put twenty pound of stuff in it easily but it would be better for the bag and my body if I had two bags with ten pounds in each.

[[Slept badly last night due to the Samuel L. Jackson of tree frogs taking up belligerent bellowing in one of my potted tropical plants right outside the door to the deck off the bedroom. Twice I got up and tried to find and relocate him without success. Just now by daylight I found him, hunkered down SLEEPING! Bastard. EVICTED!!]]

I can blame my slow brain today on Mr. Frog and  will take the in's, out's and reverses of this mitered corner technique one slow and sure step at a time so I don't have to rip out any machine stitching. The Janome is set up for sail-making right now..vicious.

 A while ago I purchased a yard of this ridiculously overpriced artist's canvas at Binders with the intention of actually painting on it. The idea of using it to make something serviceable is much more satisfying at the moment. There will be enhancements of course.


deanna7trees said...

a grocery tote is a great idea. i really need to make a big one to hold all the smaller ones floating around on the back seat of my car.

liniecat said...

lolol sorry...........a noisy frog........And all I get are drunken blokes and women too, wandering their way home in the early hours.......swearing and yelling, chasing eachother or argueing....Id swap them for a vocal frog now and then!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Sail making. i really like that.
Sail Making.
very satisfying words.

and this canvas bag. put to
USE, this canvas. i have some

and you are right about the balance. i had a period of some
really wierd neck pain years ago
and it turned out to be the simple fact that i was lugging around a canvas bag on one particular shoulder.

ali said...

Great idea--I may be heading that direction, too. We have bull frogs in my neck of New Hampshire --very loud, I sympathize!