Sunday, May 20, 2012


I finally feel like I am getting somewhere in this room and it feels great.

Jake came by yesterday and removed the useless wire racks that we installed in the closet. They were perfect back when this was a bedroom. I have learned that you can stack plastic tubs full of cloth only four high so I'm still thinking traditional wooden shelving (built to accommodate the storage I already have) will be the answer. I will be consulting my personal master carpenter. He loves it when I owe him favors.

This is one of my first "Flings" - a summer weight quilt, just top and back. All cotton, the top is machine pieced hand dyes with inset vintage cotton embroidered bits, also dyed. The back is plain muslin and joined to the top with wandering scrolls and paths of hand quilting. The tongues on the edges, just for fun.

I am napping under Ocean Homes (below) these days so Blue Fling  is up for sale in the store.

Ocean Homes

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