Wednesday, May 30, 2012

starting places

I spent some time stitching this morning; the sun is breaking through the heavy cloud cover from yesterday that was just plain depressing. A serious change of pace is in order so I'm off to attend to a long overdue outside chore. Pictures when it's gorgeous again. ..

A note on my design process - it always starts with color. the shapes are already there, the hacked remains from other projects jumbled together in the big scrap basket.

 I settle on three to five major elements, a base, and then spent a good bit of time shuffling the shapes around until I'm happy with how they are relating to one another.

 I rarely trim the pieces, more often rip, fold or turn the shapes as needed. I try to work from all four points of the compass to make sure that the design is working well.

Many people, myself included, "find" creatures in my work. I can't deny that they turn up but feel the need to let people know that "representing" is not my starting place.
No need to delve into the why of it all. There they are, even if I change the original orientation of the work. I'm just happy that people look long enough to find something that intrigues them.

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