Monday, May 14, 2012

wrapping up

One more day off and I'm  happy to have pushed on  through the final construction steps of this quilt for my friend Janice.

It got bogged down a while ago when I got carried away making the top so large  there wasn't enough of the green jungle leaf cloth for the back.

Just the other day I was delighted  to find another print that was the perfect compliment to her first choice for backing. 
All that remains is a day or two of machine quilting..some more great leaves I think and it will be good to go.

It's so nice to work on something that will have a long life of service.


Judy Martin said...

The colour in this piece is so full of life.

And the backing cloth is a treat.

Your life has been a roller coaster lately - I hope that finishing this piece and working with this much colour, is a total pleasure for you.

Martha Ginn said...

What a cheerful look to this quilt. I am working on a quilt I started about 15 years ago, just throwing caution to the wind and ignoring any thought of the quilt police checking for compulsive accuracy and stitching binding corners closed.