Friday, May 18, 2012

beautiful friday

While I was waiting for the sun to get in through the morning window I took a little quiet time to wrangle a few stones for Jude's project. This is harder than it looks because I seemed to have picked the most rebellious pieces of cloth in the basket for the needle turning.

This room is only 10'x11' and I keep shuffling piles of things and boxes from one quadrant to the next but don't seem to be making any progress or order. The real problem - the one I have been avoiding - is tackling the closet.

There is lot's of help with the cleaning.

 The Lord of the Lounge is recovering from a catnip hangover this morning. This part of the work table will be avoided entirely which means no machine stitching until he relocates. That's okay, there's plenty else to do.

 Digging through boxes, an old favorite was unearthed-

 This small machine built and hand quilted piece is called "Moon Music" from back in 2006. There was some acrylic and paint and a little bit of embroidery. It was one of the first pieces that I permanently mounted to a painted canvas.

I'm not happy about so much wonkiness on such a small piece and have removed it from the canvas and will wash and block the piece and remount it over the weekend. Updates on Monday.

Have a great weekend.


jude said...

i need a furry friend.

Joe Madl said...

lovely little dissident stones!

i also tend to rather like the wonkiness in moon music. but that may be attributed to my own wonky nature.

Nancy said...

That looks to be one fine armadillo! Lovely moon and rocks too :)

Jude maybe you do, eh?