Thursday, June 21, 2012

trying not doing

Nope..not happening. And I knew it wasn't happening when I first stuck that reconfigured chambray shirt up there when what I really want is another linen jacket to hack up. Wishful thinking won't get it done.
 I have recognized the difference between the work that  springs from a spontaneous confluence of mood, intent and materials, and the work that just tries too hard.

Looking back over stuff, I found perfect examples.
"Frida Brings Home the Bacon" literally fell out of the scrap jar when Jinx gave my glass fish bowl scrap jar a nudge and it smashed on the floor. I remember picking up the pieces one by one, shaking them over the trash basket for shards and laying them out on the table. 

I was really hooked on watching Frida and Diego on the Owl cam at the time, despite the tragedies,  I quickly wanted to follow up with another piece showing the chicks.  Contrived and studied is all I can see in the results, as cute as the little buggers are.

So the lesson for me today?  Fuhgeddaboudit trying to get from A directly to Z. Side trips, getting lost and stops along the way are mandatory.


  1. As much as we are taught the quickest route from A to B is a straight line, I have never been one to take that path. My curiousity takes me down dead ends, forks in the road, and sometime a delightful meadow appears. I learn so much along the way, the extra time seems well spent. Enjoy the meander!

  2. Guess that tells us who's really in charge... serendipity! Maybe that's why I'm stuck in neutral on a landscape piece that just isn't moving... time to shift gears!


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