Friday, June 15, 2012

warming up

I haven't had the heart (or raw materials) for a dyefest since April and back then I ODed on pure, wicked color. I think I was trying to distract myself from weighty life matters at hand.

Now I'm feeling the need for some textural color and subtlety (don't call 911 - I'm really OK) but I have not got a speck of white cloth to work with. I've just wasted an hour trolling my usual web haunts so I'll be suiting up and checking into a couple of local shops where I've made finds in the past.

The dyedeck is a mess. A little bird has built a nest in a cardboard soda carton that was left on top of the cooler where I have a dozen bottles of dye stock just waiting. I'll have to keep it quiet out there so's not to disturb them.

In anticipation of fresh fruits from the dyedeck, let's have a sale at Random Acts of  Dyeness! How about "Buy One get another for 1/2 off!" and,  as always, shipping is included.

(lest ye think I'm cracked, this is an old picture..all are juicy oozy with color now)


  1. Good luck!!!! I hit a church sale two weeks ago and SCORE!!! I am hoping for the same luck today. That is if I ever get my act together and get moving. ;) Hope your weekend is color filled.

  2. it is unusually bare, this shelf


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