Thursday, April 26, 2012

blues on the line

Sure..hang things on the line and just watch the storm clouds gather. Oh well, what's one more rinse.

 I'm busy gathering bits and pieces for Jude's Contemporary Boro class that starts tomorrow. A thing on my mind will require some pieces of black and I have zero pieces of hand dyed black cloth, so, there's an experiment brewing out on the dyedeck right now. I mixed dry dye powders that no longer had readable said "JET something". Hope  it wasn't jet fuel. It looked black and got blacker as I blended in other things. Fingers crossed, results tomorrow.


  1. They look even better on the line (and a good extra soak) Then ironed and folded ... ready to use : happy stitching with Jude (without me this time ...)

  2. Ha, I know the feeling! Nothing more sure to make it rain than hanging something out to dry. Loving those washday blues.

  3. Yum! look at those blues - with a splash of sunshine!
    You go girl!


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