Thursday, April 05, 2012

just desserts on opening day

I spent the morning ironing much of the recent dye batches and was once again reminded of the magic of this cloth - how the soft, fuzziness of machine washed and dried damask lies down under a hot steam iron and takes on a glassy iridescence.

Those pieces of silk came out gorgeous as well with no ironing called for.

This afternoon I'll be pulling some small corners and selvedges from this lot and packing them into a handful of crocheted cusspots. Tomorrow I'll photograph the stuffed lovelies and put them up for sale in the store.

I've taken my picks, of course, and there is a lot more cloth to be dyed.

In every dye adventure a treasure turns up. The kind you squirrel away and nip at, the kind that turns up in your work over and over.

 This is a large hand towel, damask and huck woven. It's sturdy and there's an '02 woven into it so I don't think it's vintage but the Hellenia Hotel  looks like my kinda place..hats off to the tourist who brought it back for me.


  1. Deb, these are all gorgeous!

    And I wanted to tell you last night (but according to BSP I fell asleep with my laptop in my lap and never woke up again!) that I received your HOLY COW GENEROUS package yesterday and the things in it are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so. very. much!! I will make wonderful things with such beautiful fabric.

    P.S. I can't believe how much you can stuff into a little cuss pot! It was like Mary Poppin's bag lol. Amazing!

  2. I'm glad it arrived alive and unmolested by customs. I had one of my fiber postcards disemboweled by customs once..and that wasn't even an international shipment! Don't forget to post some pictures when you make cool stuff with it all.

  3. Oooh now theres a reason to become a thief........hotel hand towels!
    get behind me satan lolol

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM


    as always...

    never thought of thieving linens on your behalf....

  5. I will most definitely post pics when I do! :)


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