Saturday, April 07, 2012

web work - updated

I'm supposed to be redesigning my website but I keep getting sidetracked by the vast array of nuts and bolts that I've lost a firm grasp of - it's not like riding a bicycle - because it's been such a long time that someone has gone and reinvented the wheel.  Fiddling with graphics is much more rewarding. I've got the framework in place, now it's down to the dirty filling in all those forms when you enter a show. How's this for a's a real reflection of what I'm about artwise and lately.

(when I focus on the image on the right and synchronize my breathing with the critter's breathing a calm comes over me)

(the gallery viewer is a new tool that I have to learn before using. Imagine?! Maybe by lunchtime tomorrow I'll have figured it out. Right now I am cross-eyed and code crazed. and signing off. )


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! It's you :)

  2. I love it too. I wish I had the technical knowledge to make my own website.

  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Stunning!! - Fabulously eye-catchingly brilliant.

  4. No fair, I'll just sit and stare at it for hours instead of writing my own blog. (I already spent time this morning touching pieces of your dyed cloth and sighing.)

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    this is good....this is really really good

  6.'s great! Love that symbol!

  7. Wow, what a great name, and also a wonderful graphic of your name. You ARE having fun!


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