Wednesday, April 04, 2012

take me out

Last night the whole family went to a special game at the Braves minor league park. Most of the current major league team played against the best of all the Braves farm teams. I couldn't get over the difference in size and stature..the Baby Braves, as we call them, looked like rag tag teenagers which I imagine many of  them were. The recently retired and widely beloved Bobby Cox managed them. The Allstars beat the future stars 4-3 in a 7th inning rain out. I can't remember the last time I was caught in a spring downpour, the long walk to the car accompanied by the PA system cheerily broadcasting "Singing in the Rain". It was a very special night.

This morning I only had time to wash and dry the latest tasties from the dyedeck.  That blue is one of the pieces of silk!


  1. What a fun game that would be! Of course, I love Bobby Cox. Gorgeous colors on the deck.

  2. REALLy love your posts, but honestly I can't read the type even with glasses. How I wish I could but aging eyes being what they are, "Alss!"

  3. Sounds like great fun. When I lived in Toronto, I used to go to Blue Jays games and bring my knitting. it was in the days when they played on real grass in an open air stadium. Good memories.
    And I like what you have been dyeing!


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