Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday with NO WORK!

I was loose on the town yesterday with my buddy JR - (nobody went to 'mergency and nobody went to jail) but a good time was had by big stretch for the Easily Amused!

First stop was a revelation for both of us. While IKEA is inspiring, it's overwhelming. I come away from them thinking I need to torch my joint and start from scratch.

On the other hand, The Container Store in the Perimeter Mall area of Atlanta was great fun. With a focus on organization I actually came away with ideas for reorganizing the studio and a few closets. They also have tons of just plain fun stuff like these little clear acrylic boxes that I used to spend my lunch money on at Takashimaya in NYC. I'm sure I'll find a way to put them to uses other than mere eye candy. 

We went from there to Restoration Hardware where we were treated like invisible lepers. I imagine I could have jumped up and down on their 4000$ bed and no one would have mentioned it. We might have gotten away with taking that 8 foot Eiffel Tower right out the front door. hmmmf.

On to the Barnes and Noble next door to further expand our brains and shrink our wallets. Enough foot work for the morning; we saddled up and groped our way up county to the wilds of Roswell to find the elusive Lemon Meringue Pie at the charming PieHole in Roswell. No luck but plenty of tasty alternatives. JR has given up finding her favorite pie; they have a really short shelf life but still we ran wild and had dessert before lunch.

We got back on the road and set out to find the address of a radio station where I was to pick up  tickets to see Tom Petty that Jim won when he entered a drawing at Cool Ray park last week.  Severe lack of civic imagination has every other street named "Peachtree Something" or "Somebody's Ferry", so we wandered around lost for about an hour in midday Friday traffic. Phone calls from my husband and to the radio station were no help. Finally I asked JR if her new phone had GPS. She had no idea.

We pulled into a parking lot and poked at the thing for a few minutes trying to learn the function on the spot. The screen said "type or speak your destination"- in a stage voice I told it where to go. The screen went all fuzzy  and after a minute or so a tinny voice said "turn left onto Mt. Vernon Highway". Hilarity! Demon voices guided us straight to the place. I couldn't get over the notion that the car had been possessed. Really, we're not Luddites, just a little out of step.

The frosting on the cake of my day was being able to stay awake for the Braves home opener. The pajama seats were great and the boys saved the day by winning!  A day off like this makes working the weekend palatable.


  1. I love days like you've had...and I do believe I would loose my mind if Ikea was in my city...the closest one is 2 hr. away which keeps me fairly sane.

  2. WoW! What a fun-filled day! Perfection!

  3. Always loving hearing about your adventures! Always lots of laughs! :)

  4. Your adventure sounds like such restorative fun! Sometimes I get a yearning for a day like that - which has to wait until I get off the Island. Sigh! Anyway, thanks for the vicarious pleasure. -sus

  5. What a fun way to spend the day. I have been to IKEA in Seattle once and had the same reaction! I wanted them to come "do" my house and then someone else to come in and keep it that way. Lemon Meringue Pie was my "birthday cake" growing up. I don't care for cake, but pie? Move out of my way!!! Hope your weekend continues to be color filled and fun!

  6. Great day! I recently made my first visit to a Container Store... loved it! Bought a 'mud tray' for our snowy/muddy boots and some zip strips to tame my hubby's endless mass of cables and cords in his 'computer room'... too bad it's 3 hours away!


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