Friday, April 06, 2012

happy full moon friday

We probably won't get to see the full moon tonight - it's turned damp, overcast and cold, sweater and socks cold, so this will just have to do.

We don't celebrate the religious holiday around here but we never miss a chance for a little festivity. I will color some hard boiled eggs tomorrow.  A chocolate bunny might even find it's way into the refrigerator to be pecked at until gone.

I'm finally undertaking a complete redesign of my website. For those of you who write code  (or write anything for that matter) you know it means putting your head into the necessary place for a while and turning off all distractions or mayhem will ensue. See you after the weekend.

one down, eight to go.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    love the cuss pot.

  2. I think hiding the cusspots would be a fun holiday tradition! ;) It is cold here as well and there may be a dusting of snow to better track the bunny on Sunday. Perhaps she would teach me to dye her way! Wishing you a color filled weekend with some dark chocolate thrown in for accent.

  3. Love the cuss pot, Deb !
    It's really cold after a nice warm week, so indeed back to the socks and sweater, and no full moon either !
    Wish you fun with the chocolate bunny and good luck with the re-newal of the site (when I try to open, it's always véééry slow, perhaps too heavy ...)
    Good luck and enjoy your weekend !

  4. yes. cold! it's snowing here... i'm playing with my cuss pot tonight (again, many many thanks to you and sweetie!) and will post the beginnings this weekend!

    love the new, blue cuss pot!


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