Tuesday, July 10, 2012

B&W in heavy weather

I had a two hour dinner break from work this evening.

The trees are thrashing about under darkening skies and the thunder and lightning are getting very serious. Power will probably go soon. We made up cold salads for dinner and I gobbled mine like a prison inmate and ran outside to get a few more pieces painted. All the while "George Harrison - Living in the Material World" playing in the background.

I scored a beautiful linen dress at GW today - here's one half of the front, the buttonholes ranked down the right side. There was also an enormous cotton lawn skirt..yards of white cloth, thank you Queen among women, and a teeny tiny white party dress..something a hooker might wear to a christening maybe. Halter top, peek a boos around the waist and a short flounced skirt, all in white cotton with tiny dots fuzziness woven all through.

All of them deconstructed and plunged into the sauce for further contemplation and action tomorrow. 

sad to say both of these were spoiled by my haste and optimism. It rained a lot harder than expected and too much water too soon smooshed paint and dye excessively...


  1. mmmm, black and white is interesting. Without all the colour to make it pretty, the elements of design come to the forefront. Contrast, repetition, rhythm. Have fun with it, your fabulous colour sense will be sharpened even further.

  2. AWWWW, sorry to hear it washed out----Karma would have had a hissy fit in the rain, so appropriate, yes? :)

  3. it left a shadow that I can build on


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