Monday, July 30, 2012


I did what I said I was going to ...just took the big scissors and cut it into the piece parts. I like all of them separately. Even the backside was interesting.

For now, I'll set them aside until I have some unencumbered brain time. 

We've done a few simple upgrades to the dye deck - a new sheet of vinyl for the working surface, both tables are now level and flush and the replacement tent was brought out of storage.

Today I scored a half dozen interesting silk and linen garments from the Nasty Thrift up the street and a large bundle of double damask tablecloths fell out of the Ebay ether yesterday. I ordered a few replacement colors from Dharma and more soywax...I feel a monumental dyefest coming on!!

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Silk and cotton saved

Now we're having fun. Thanks, Liz , for reminding me that we are not knitting. It doesn't matter if the pieces are two to four...

Play it again Sam.