Sunday, July 08, 2012


I took advantage of the morning light to start the homestretch on Consolation. It's been trimmed, hemmed, fitted and generally civilized yet maintains it's original wildness. For me, being pleased with the journey of a piece is as strong as the satisfaction of finalizing it. I would guess that the proliferation of UFOs comes from when the artist, myself included, loses sight of this core idea, usually by letting the process or the materials take control. It's a constant battle.

I let both of them, process and materials, get the better of sense yesterday by spending several hours out on the dyedeck when it was too damn hot, again. The sky was overcast, in fact there was even a rain shower for a while, but the heat got the best of me and some stupid and ugly things came out of it. I didn't pay attention when a new discharging agent leaked into my left glove and  I reaped a mild chemical burn over most of my palm.  The cloth...a mixed bag of mutts that will need further work, but not today.


  1. The little peek at Consolation is gorgeous. I love the rich color saturation and the stitiching is fantastic. Rest and recuperate. I did that with indigo. Why don't we stop when something doesn't feel right? Hugs.

  2. OMG! Consolation is gorgeous! I am sorry to hear about the chemical burn... hope it heals quickly. And I do hope you get a break in the weather soon... nothing will put me out of sorts quicker than hot muggy weather! Sending cooling thoughts...

  3. This is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the whole piece! I love the way the colors blend and your stitching gives them so much life!

  4. thanks everyone..and thanks for mentioning the stitches blending in Rhonda..I have a very hard time using contrasting colors when I stitch - I want the stitch to do it's job but not shout at the same time.


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