Thursday, July 05, 2012

I've started staring at some of the latest pieces from the ongoing dyefest. I thought I'd never see that Bonnie Blue again since it's been discontinued but apparently I've hit on the right blend of who knows what snip of sky and dash of deep blue sea. You'll be seeing a lot more of this color in my work. It pulls me like the sound of the surf.

While I was cleaning the pool this morning (must be in it to do a proper job) I was joined by a hitchhiker who plopped coldly onto my shoulder as I passed by the ladder. I wonder if he was one of the jillions tadpoles that I've rescued from the pool cleanings over the years?


  1. HA beats the green caterpillars by the bajillions that keep dropping me in the backyard!

  2. love the colour - and the frog!

  3. Your 'Bonnie Blue' resembles Dharma's Carribean Blue, which separates into kind of shades of breen and aquamarine. And I love your hitchhiker! He probably thinks your his Ma!

  4. am thinking...What might it feeeeel like, to have made these cloths hanging here????

    and i know the feel of those froggy little sticky feet and envy you


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