Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here's what's come of yesterday's work overdyeing and discharging the black and white pieces that turned up gray and green. The surprise of the whole lot? All the way on the left is a small piece of a big piece of cloth that I picked up at OHCO on the weekend.

 I bought it because it was light enough (beige originally) to dye and the jacquard pattern was bold and interesting but once I handled it, it  was so stiff with some upholstery chemical stain protection that I gave up all hope of dyeing and bought it for backing cloth.

 I cut a foot wide strip to use as a stabilizing base under the damasks as I painted them then I noticed it was wicking up the dye gradually.  After dyeing and discharging it has turned out to be so full of character and potential that  I called Jan to stop by the shop and see if the other large piece of it was still there. dumped in a bin like so much trash. $3 a pound.


  1. Deb, those are totally gorgeous. Especially the piece you highlighted!

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    the unexpected often delights!

  3. Now THAT one calls for some of your stitching in a leafy way!

  4. These came out very nice! And I love the 'trash' piece... lots of visual interest there! Oh, boy... I can see an even greater feast for the eyes in our futures(your followers)!

  5. yes, gorgeous, how exciting that the piece on the left turned out so well


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