Monday, July 16, 2012

taking another tack

The beautiful new cloths suffered in  a failed attempt at a neutral black. After batching a whole hot day they were crawling with green blooms. Rather than moan over it  I dreamed a plan that includes overdye and discharging. There are in the colors right now.

There are tons of cloth in the world still waiting and these will be just as special as others I have worked on, not was only the experiment that ran off the rails.

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tiedyejudy said...

One of the things I have had to accept about dyeing is that I won't always get the exact results I may envision, but quite often they are even better than I thought, just different. Yesterday I ice-cube dyed a rayon poncho to test how the technique would work on rayon... didn't come out like I thought, but I love it! Almost like watercolor...
In your case, I'll bet the overdye will work well. I would be a little concerned with discharging if the fabric is older, but with the kind of work you do, if holes grow, you'll just stitch around them! Can't wait to see the results!