Saturday, July 28, 2012

the path

 Jake continues to take boxes of Stuff out of the garage sorting and mostly filling the trash can. I found my first tarot deck, complete with crib notes,  still wrapped in a square of blue silk.

As I walked up the front walkway I shuffled the deck and drew these three cards - past, present and future. I'm good with it.


Nancy said...

Deb~ May those of you touched by Donald's passing hold one another in love and caring. Thinking of you now.

Anonymous said...

The Rider deck was also my first... I'm shocked and tickled that you actually WROTE on your cards!!!

Deb said...

It took some nerve but I really wanted to learn them thoroughly and thought...flash cards!! It was no less disrespectful than people who take cash to do a reading. Something I have always wanted to do but never had the Nerve for.

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