Saturday, July 28, 2012

the path

 Jake continues to take boxes of Stuff out of the garage sorting and mostly filling the trash can. I found my first tarot deck, complete with crib notes,  still wrapped in a square of blue silk.

As I walked up the front walkway I shuffled the deck and drew these three cards - past, present and future. I'm good with it.


  1. Deb~ May those of you touched by Donald's passing hold one another in love and caring. Thinking of you now.

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    The Rider deck was also my first... I'm shocked and tickled that you actually WROTE on your cards!!!

  3. It took some nerve but I really wanted to learn them thoroughly and thought...flash cards!! It was no less disrespectful than people who take cash to do a reading. Something I have always wanted to do but never had the Nerve for.


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a grand accomplishment

                                This is what I want to do next. I just love what Hazel has done with her treasured cloth, her love and time...

Play it again Sam.