Tuesday, July 24, 2012

working fabrics


 I would love to hear from you if you've purchased any of my cloth burritos but, more importantly,  I want to see what you've done with any of it!  I'd love to put up links or images.

Sometimes when I look at my stacks and rolls of finished cloth and nothing jumps out an smacks me saying "HEY!" it helps to see where they have led others.


  1. well...one fabric is currently being incorporated into my squirrel project...but i need to take a picture/post it...so check with me bloggo in a bit....

  2. i have been thinking today at how a cloth begins for me. usually there will be the placing of a few
    muslin pieces that are dyed with
    what is At Hand here. these rest
    on the wall for sometimes a long time. sometimes they are turned. sometimes small bits more of the land dyed cloth. then, seemingly all of a sudden, the Deb L basket
    is pulled out and i go through it all and certain ones stay out and sit on the table. then, soon after, i rip a piece off. and there it goes. it's happening Now and i'll blog it...there is
    ALWAYS some of your work in what i do.


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